Hope to see you soon!

CambriaSometimes change can take time to implement and even more time to get used to. Well just imagine taking 4 very popular displays in our showroom and restructuring 3 of them into one very impressive kitchen. Throughout recent months we have received new Yorktowne Cabinetry door styles and finishes, many new selections of Cambria countertop choices and the most amazing Delta faucets and fixtures. The project is moving forward and will be done very soon.

The logical step is to put these items on display so that you the customer can see, touch and feel the products prior to deciding on what you want in your own home. With the help of our design consultant, Kelly, you will be able to envision the warmth and beauty of all your new selections for your own home.

Your time is valuable and earning your business is important to us. That’s why when you call our office during business hours you will be greeted by a live person, not a recorded menu with options. When you start your project our owner, Tom Davis, will come out to your home and take measurements and discuss what you have in mind and then we will invite you into our 3,000+ sf. showroom to make selections for your project. We are excited to work with you and look forward to earning your business this year.

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Are you still looking to remodel your home in Virginia Beach

100_0403_resizedAre you still looking to remodel your home in Virginia Beach/Norfolk and Chesapeake?  Let us know.

Marjos Complete Remodeling Service
550 First Colonial Road, Suite 307
Virginia Beach, VA 23451


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Who benefits from aging in place?

Everyone.  Now that might seem confusing to you.  But the reality of the matter is that if you are thinking about aging in place then you have a concern about your safety.  This is primarily a concern for those of the older generations, but the concern snowballs down to their children, friends, grandchildren and caregivers.

Many seniors (or almost seniors) don’t think about their bathroom safety until they have a fall.  The injuries can range from minor to life threatening.  The biggest concern is stepping in and out of the tub.  There are many ways to minimize your risks.  First and foremost are properly installed safety bars (grab bars) near the entrance of the tub.  Beyond that many are removing the basic step in tub and replacing that space with a low or no curb shower unit.  There are many options for making this transition from fiberglass units to tile.   Next comes the concern of water temperatures and burns.  Be sure to select a new faucet that includes the temp-assure option.  Once you set the temperature the water will come on and stay the safe temperature you want.  Beyond that you can place stationary or lift up bars beside your comfort height toilet, comfort height vanity cabinets to make using the sink more comfortable for you.  Additional grab bars may be placed in the bathroom if the open area is large enough to give you safe walking space.

Keep these items in mind when you are reviewing the safe living areas for yourself or your loved ones.

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Hurricane Season Approaches

As June 1st approaches we have many thoughts of what our summer holds.  Many will be planning for vacations, visits from family and friends and great times at the beach or park.

As a homeowner, you shoud also be starting to think about the odds.  What are the odds of a large, potentially damaging storm crossing our paths this year?

After checking the current date on your homeowners policy, your best protection will be to make sure you have your home up to par.  Have you checked the condition of decks, fences and your roof?  Are your windows in good working condition, and able to withstand strong winds and blowing rains?  Do you have a fireplace or skylight and are the seals and flashing in good condition?

Obviously, if a tree or airborne object causes the damage you have little control over that.  But you can make sure that your items aren’t the ones that cause the destruction.  Tie down your items, bring in lawn furniture and grills.  Just secure everything possible.  If you have trees and plan to take care of your property after a storm, make sure your equipment is accessible and in working order.

Prepare your family by picking up hurricane guides when they become available in your local area.  Talk to your children about what these storms may be like and what to do during them.  Stock up on bottled water, canned good, flashlights, batteries.  Don’t forget the unnecessary items that will get  you through the days when you may have to wait for power and cable.  Box a few games, cards, coloring books, puzzles….anything to help pass the time.

At Marjos, we hope that our local area can again be spared the trauma of a major hurricane.   If you need help after the storm, remember that MARJOS can provide you with quality workmanship inside and outside of your home.

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p-kitchen-photo-2We always hear the question “Why don’t multiple contractors give the same price when estimating in the same job. The answer is simple.  Not every contractor will provide the same quality material and workmanship.

It has always been our principle that if something is worth doing, it is then worth doing well. When a customer comes to MARJOS for a remodeling job we see to it that we give them the highest quality remodeling available in their home. Remodeling is normally a one-time event for a homeowner.  It’s important at MARJOS to makeit as painless as possible.
At MARJOS we help customers select the kind of kitchen and bathroom that they would like.  Then our experienced staff will help them get their project done within a budget they are comfortable with.  MARJOS will also extend free financing up to 1 year so the customer will be able to get the results they truly want.
MARJOS will take the time to find out what customers want and work to make their dreams a reality.

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Frustrated-Woman-computerWe spoke to a lot of people who have made some remodeling job recently. Most of these folks are complaining about the work of fly-by-night companies who have done their kitchen or bathroom to their disappointment. it is too obvious that when somebody do a job for less that this job will end up as a mess.

Saving a few dollars over a job in your house is dangerous. Remodeling in your home is a one time only process so we have to be sure with everything we are doing. A decent bathroom with reliable fixtures in it (lifetime warranty) cost about $200.00 – $250.00  per square feet. Be warn that amount less than this is surely will end up a mess as in fixtures are not working properly and tiles, grouts and paint will not last for a year.

Remember that MARJOS challenges its own jobs by putting a 5 year labor warranty on it. We are proud in saying this because we know that nothing will be wrong in your bathroom at least for 5 years. If there is nothing wrong in five years, then we believe that there will be nothing wrong with it for at least 25-40 years.

If you want to be sure of your remodeling job in your home (kitchen, bathroom or additions) then try MARJOS. We will make sure that you will be happy with the result of your investment with us.

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