Who benefits from aging in place?

Everyone.  Now that might seem confusing to you.  But the reality of the matter is that if you are thinking about aging in place then you have a concern about your safety.  This is primarily a concern for those of the older generations, but the concern snowballs down to their children, friends, grandchildren and caregivers.

Many seniors (or almost seniors) don’t think about their bathroom safety until they have a fall.  The injuries can range from minor to life threatening.  The biggest concern is stepping in and out of the tub.  There are many ways to minimize your risks.  First and foremost are properly installed safety bars (grab bars) near the entrance of the tub.  Beyond that many are removing the basic step in tub and replacing that space with a low or no curb shower unit.  There are many options for making this transition from fiberglass units to tile.   Next comes the concern of water temperatures and burns.  Be sure to select a new faucet that includes the temp-assure option.  Once you set the temperature the water will come on and stay the safe temperature you want.  Beyond that you can place stationary or lift up bars beside your comfort height toilet, comfort height vanity cabinets to make using the sink more comfortable for you.  Additional grab bars may be placed in the bathroom if the open area is large enough to give you safe walking space.

Keep these items in mind when you are reviewing the safe living areas for yourself or your loved ones.

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