Frustrated-Woman-computerWe spoke to a lot of people who have made some remodeling job recently. Most of these folks are complaining about the work of fly-by-night companies who have done their kitchen or bathroom to their disappointment. it is too obvious that when somebody do a job for less that this job will end up as a mess.

Saving a few dollars over a job in your house is dangerous. Remodeling in your home is a one time only process so we have to be sure with everything we are doing. A decent bathroom with reliable fixtures in it (lifetime warranty) cost about $200.00 – $250.00  per square feet. Be warn that amount less than this is surely will end up a mess as in fixtures are not working properly and tiles, grouts and paint will not last for a year.

Remember that MARJOS challenges its own jobs by putting a 5 year labor warranty on it. We are proud in saying this because we know that nothing will be wrong in your bathroom at least for 5 years. If there is nothing wrong in five years, then we believe that there will be nothing wrong with it for at least 25-40 years.

If you want to be sure of your remodeling job in your home (kitchen, bathroom or additions) then try MARJOS. We will make sure that you will be happy with the result of your investment with us.

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