Hurricane Season Approaches

As June 1st approaches we have many thoughts of what our summer holds.  Many will be planning for vacations, visits from family and friends and great times at the beach or park.

As a homeowner, you shoud also be starting to think about the odds.  What are the odds of a large, potentially damaging storm crossing our paths this year?

After checking the current date on your homeowners policy, your best protection will be to make sure you have your home up to par.  Have you checked the condition of decks, fences and your roof?  Are your windows in good working condition, and able to withstand strong winds and blowing rains?  Do you have a fireplace or skylight and are the seals and flashing in good condition?

Obviously, if a tree or airborne object causes the damage you have little control over that.  But you can make sure that your items aren’t the ones that cause the destruction.  Tie down your items, bring in lawn furniture and grills.  Just secure everything possible.  If you have trees and plan to take care of your property after a storm, make sure your equipment is accessible and in working order.

Prepare your family by picking up hurricane guides when they become available in your local area.  Talk to your children about what these storms may be like and what to do during them.  Stock up on bottled water, canned good, flashlights, batteries.  Don’t forget the unnecessary items that will get  you through the days when you may have to wait for power and cable.  Box a few games, cards, coloring books, puzzles….anything to help pass the time.

At Marjos, we hope that our local area can again be spared the trauma of a major hurricane.   If you need help after the storm, remember that MARJOS can provide you with quality workmanship inside and outside of your home.

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